Featured Tool: Partnering with Consultants

Do you need help?
Help with organizational development? Team building? Board development? Fundraising? Leadership development? Transition planning?
Facilitation of an important meeting?

You might need to hire a consultant.
A lot of organizations do. Just one consulting company—McKinsey—has annual revenues of over one billion dollars.

Yet we too often end up not being fully satisfied with the results:

  • We get reports and recommendations that sit in a drawer
  • The consultant proves to be not the right fit
  • Or have the right skills
  • Or we don’t know how to make the best use of them

Don’t waste your money!
Our article, Partnering with Consultants, will guide you to:

  • Find the right consultant for what you need
  • Engage and manage consultants to ensure you get what you actually need

Partnering with Consultants is one of over 50 tools designed to help support and empower your leadership.

Now that you know what you need in a consultant do you need help to actually find one? Visit our links page for a list of some of the most effective consultants in our network!