Program Areas

STP’s programming serves progressive activists, their organizations and collective efforts, and the intermediaries and consultants who support them. Our work falls into three mutually reinforcing program areas.

Facilitating Movement Collaboration

STP is experimenting with more effective ways for progressives to connect, consult, coordinate, and collaborate. We offer an integrated range of services to individuals and organizations to support collective efforts large and small. Specifically, we:

  • Coach and mentor leaders
  • Navigate inevitable roadblocks to collaboration through mediation and timely interventions
  • Identify and facilitate specific connections and relationships to further collective efforts
  • Devise and implement models and practices to support cross-movement collaboration
  • Tailor new and existing leadership trainings with other intermediaries to adapt to the changing landscape

Network Development & Management

In partnership with Rockwood Leadership Institute, STP offers ongoing support and collaborative opportunities to over 240 graduates of Rockwood’s Leading from the Inside Out yearlong training:

  • Design and recruitment of the LIO Network
  • Ongoing leadership development, training, and support programs such as webinars, peer support networks, gatherings, and access to tools and resources
  • Keeping the network connected, informed, and fostering self-organized collaborations and mutual support among the members


Because the demand for what we do far outstrips our current and even developing capacity, STP has designed an integrated program to expand the numbers of expert consultants and facilitators available to the activist community. In addition to our partnership with Rockwood, we consult and coordinate with other leading intermediaries. Specifically, we:

  • Create and circulate transformative organizational development tools, publications, and resources
  • Offer trainings and coaching to grow the cohort of skilled consultants grounded in a transformative approach
  • Promote transformative ideas and practices in key circles of activists, intermediaries and funders