STP brings leaders together on the cutting edge of social change — transforming not only themselves and their organizations, but social change movements and the world. Our goals mirror those of the leaders, organizations, intermediaries, and consultants with whom we work. In service of the common good and the values of equity, opportunity, freedom, peace, and sustainability, STP increases the power and effectiveness of progressive social movements by:

  • Supporting both larger networks and smaller groups of leaders to create new forms, strategies, and practices for increased individual and collective impact
  • Driving a shift to transformative approaches to leadership, organizations, and movements
  • Strengthening and expanding the field of transformative change practitioners and intermediaries

The idea of social transformation defines both our goals and our systems approach for realizing them. That approach, the Wheel of Change, can be tailored to effect change on an individual, organizational, or movement-wide level. To learn how we achieve these goals, see Program Areas and The Wheel of Change.