Personal Mastery

Develop the meta-skills that help people operate in their zone of excellence.

This section contains transformative tools to help leaders and consultants act more consistently with greater wisdom and power. It includes invaluable practices such as how to remain centered in the face of challenging situations, how to access intuition in immediate and practical ways and how to develop the capacity to listen more deeply.

The Transformational Consultant

A guide to cultivating the seven qualities of transformational consultants.

The Zone of Leadership: Managing Your State of Being

How to cultivate the habits that help us stay in our ”zone of leadership” – that state of being in which we have the greatest access to our capacities and life experience.

Urgency Index

A tool to assess the degree to which you and/or your colleagues are governed by stress-creating mindsets and habits.

Wellness Index

A comprehensive self-assessment of the current state of one’s self-care and wellness: mind, body, and spirit.

Wheel of Change: A Model for Personal Transformation

How to use the Wheel of Change to help assist individuals in creating change in their work and lives.