Develop more powerful, enlightened, and effective leadership.

A powerful set of practices to help leaders “own” their authentic power more fully and exercise it more skillfully. The tools range from how to engage more effectively in courageous conversations to a comprehensive toolkit on managing performance of key staff. Designed for leaders and those who work in leadership development.


5 Pathways to Effective Decisions

Confusion around decisions is endemic in teams and organizations. This model helps groups create clearer and more effective decision-making processes.

Are You Suffering from Leader-itis?

A self-diagnostic tool with suggested remedies for this common ailment of top leaders.

Confusion Around Power: a Challenge to Leadership

Have you noticed the widespread ambivalence and confusion around power that exists in both leaders and staff of non-profits? Here are best practices and tips for dealing with these issues of power.

Courageous Conversations 1: A Paradigm Shift

Part of the Courageous Conversations Toolkit: Learn how to have greater ease and success in having authentic, challenging conversations. A series of articles, best practices and tools to develop this most critical skill for leaders and consultants.

Courageous Conversations 2: Do You Need One?

Part of the Courageous Conversations Toolkit: Is a Courageous Conversation the right strategy? This tool helps you determine the benefits and risks in any given situation.

Courageous Conversations 3: How to Prepare

Part of the Courageous Conversations Toolkit: A worksheet and tips for how to prepare for successful Courageous Conversations.

Courageous Conversations 4: Best Practices

Part of the Courageous Conversations Toolkit: What to actually do in challenging conversations. Improve your success rate for Courageous Conversations by studying these best practices.

Creating Group Alignment

A guide for leaders and consultants in how to create greater alignment in teams.

Managing Emotions: A Guide for Leaders and Consultants

How to deal skillfully with emotions in work teams and organizational life.

Managing Performance 1: Overview

Part of the Managing Performance Toolkit: Many of our non-profits suffer from a lack of rigor around managing performance. This series of articles, tools and best practices covers all the elements of a transformational approach to managing performance in teams and organizations.

Managing Performance 4: Ongoing Support

Part of the Managing Performance Toolkit: The period between setting yearly goals and the yearly evaluation is a critical time for ensuring high performance. This article contains some great processes and tips for bringing out the best in people.

Managing Performance 6: About Firing

Part of the Managing Performance Toolkit: Many leaders find firing to be one of their most challenging tasks. Here are helpful hints and best practices for letting go of underperforming staff.

Managing Performance Survey

A 360° feedback instrument to help leaders and teams assess their effectiveness in planning, implementing, and managing high performance.

Managing Performance Toolkit

A series of articles, best practices and suggestions for managing the performance of individuals and teams. (more…)

Sources of Power

A comprehensive list of the many different forms of power that we encounter and may need to engage with in our work as leaders and change agents.

The 80/20 Rule

How to increase productivity by focusing on the minority of efforts that create the most results and give less attention to the majority of efforts that produce few results.

The Art of Delegating

A comprehensive guide for handing off work to others in a way that reduces your workload while setting them up for success and advancing their skills and leadership.

The Zone of Leadership: Managing Your State of Being

How to cultivate the habits that help us stay in our ”zone of leadership” – that state of being in which we have the greatest access to our capacities and life experience.