Finding the right consultant just got easier

Are you looking for a consultant who understands the needs of non-profits?
Do you have trouble finding consultants in your area with the right skills, expertise and cultural competencies?
Or are you a consultant who is looking to partner with colleagues or refer clients?

We are very excited to unveil a new directory of more than 175 experienced consultants serving the progressive movement. The consultants included in the directory have all completed STP’s five-day intensive training, The Art of Transformational Consulting. They have an average of more than 10 years of consulting experience and are diverse in terms of race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, geographic location, services, and clientele.

Finding the right consultantThe ATC Consultant Alumni Directory has extensive information on most of these consultants, including a detailed bio, contact information, selected past clients, and information on their practice and clientele including services offered, type and size of clients served, and expertise with particular issue areas or constituencies.

Powerful search and filtering functionality allows search by combinations of criteria. For example, you could look up people who are based in New York and do network development with racial justice organizations. You could look up consultants in Midwestern states who do meeting and retreat design or facilitation and have experience working with LGBTQ groups.

You can also search by keyword to find more specific information contained in directory entries. For example if you’re looking for someone with training in a particular practice or modality, try a keyword search for “somatic” “gestalt,” or “Forward Stance.”

There is no other resource like this available to the public, and we look forward to seeing the impact it has on the progressive movement and on the field of consulting for social change. Let us know what you think about the directory in the comments below!


STP created the Art of Transformational Consulting to strengthen the field of consultants serving progressive movement with a transformational, systemic approach. With growing numbers of leaders coming out of leadership development programs by intermediaries like Rockwood Leadership Institute, generative somatics, BOLD, Forward Stance, and others, we saw a need for more consultants with a complementary approach to help those leaders and their organizations achieve their goals.

It was clear from the start that there was not only great interest in and demand for this training, but that the consultants were also eager to connect with and learn from each other on an ongoing basis, to strengthen their practice and the field more broadly.

Seven cohorts have been through the Art of Transformational Consulting in the last three years, and as the network grows we continue to find new ways for them to support each other and grow in their power as a network and as individuals. This directory was created in service of those goals, and in service of the progressive movement — because we want you to be able to find the support you need!

Social Transformation Project does not certify, endorse, or guarantee the work of any of the consultants in our directory. All alumni of the Art of Transformational Consulting who wish to be included are in it.