The Social Transformation Project was a dynamic movement building effort that served progressive social change leaders from 2009 – 2022.


STP cultivates networked infrastructure for communities to advance change toward our vision.

We foster and connect efforts that build:

The strategic leadership, power and participation of Black, Brown and Indigenous people, particularly women of color, and queer and gender non-conforming people.

Relationships rooted in shared vision, analysis, narratives, and values.

Emergent strategies and collaborations that solve complex systemic problems.

Containers and practices that release oppression and actualize liberation.


STP understands that how we practice change is as important as the destination.

To make progress toward our mission we center our values while we:

Facilitate visionary leaders to coalesce around shared questions and work toward breakthrough solutions.

Accompany leaders to build clarity, strategy, power, and alignment over time.

Connect leaders with expertise and learning systems that advance their localized and interconnected collective efforts.

Provide collaborative network infrastructure that supports visionary initiatives to take flight.

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